Blocket Jobb

  • 2016—2018
  • Product design, App-design, Responsive design, UI-design, UX-design, User research

Find your next job on the next subway ride home.

When I joined Blocket Jobb in 2016 the site was in serious need of an upgraded mobile experience. Therefore, my main priority was to re-design the entire site to be responsive along with improving the matching Android and iOS apps.

Blocket Jobb connects you to your future colleagues.

No real user research had been conducted before I joined the team. 7 workshops, 3 surveys and 16 interviews later, I had created our first official product personas with accompanying stats and illustrations. This research greatly improved the company's overall direction, focus and usability.

Release, test, iterate.

To ensure quality I helped introduce new workflows that improved Q&A and shortened release cycles. We also employed new tools that enabled us to gather continuous customer feedback, conduct user surveys more frequently and run A/B-tests.

A unified style.

Blocket recently saw a major rebranding and I was in charge of Blocket Jobb's adaptation of the new brand direction. I redrew Blocket Jobb's logotype, redesigned the entire site and ensured a smooth transition to the new design guidelines.

To future proof the site, I also created and maintained Blocket's first joint component library and enforced a company-wide move to design versioning through Abstract.

Improvements across the board.

Through analytical studies and user research, we identified a variety of opportunities and improved the overall usability of the site.

Thanks to these improvements we saw immediate results

  • 164% increase in amount of saved jobs (YoY)
  • 77% increase in amount of logged-in users (MoM)
  • 33% increase in job ads inserted through the site (A/B).
  • Revenue per job ad increased by a whopping 66% as a result of our completely redesigned ad insertion flow (A/B).

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