SVT Sport

  • 2014—2016
  • Art Direction, Usability, Accessibility, Web Design, Iconography

A fresh new take on sport news.

SVT, Sweden's public-service broadcaster, approached Creuna to develop their new sports site. We helped them conceptualize, design and develop the site from start to finish. During initial user research, it was clear that our target audience did not only consist of typical sport fanatics. This insight lead us to design something "for the rest of us". Since most other sport coverage are designed with the hardcore sport fanatics in mind, SVT Sport was designed to be intentionally different.

I was the lead designer and art director and I worked closely with SVT’s brand manager.

A coherent icon language.

During the production of SVT Sport, SVT was in the midst of a full brand refresh. To match SVT's new typeface and logotype, I drew custom icons that were used throughout the site.

Award winning design.

Winner of the 2016 edition of Svenska Designpriset in the category Redaktionell — Digital.

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