SVT Sport

  • SVT / Creuna
  • Art Direction, Usability, Accessibility, Web Design, Iconography

SVT Sport is a brand new digital platform for Swedish public-service broadcaster SVT.

Most commercial alternatives focuses on the hardcore sport fans. That’s why we wanted to create something for ”the rest of us”. We communicate this by using a more welcoming and less stereotypical design. We use upbeat colors together with a bold but friendly typeface. Since SVT is a TV broadcaster at heart, we also focus on big pictures and a lot of video content.

I’m the lead designer and art director for this project in conjunction with SVT’s brand manager.

Icons were custom made to fit better with the new SVT brand typeface. Images grow outdated; so I needed to design icons to represent the biggest sports too. The sport icons functions as a visual cue in menus and navigation.

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