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Erik (Simon) Friberg. Graphic Designer.
Co-creator of the indie-video game Kollahomba.

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Gula Hunden

Gula Hunden is an art and design shop in Örebro, Sweden. It’s focus is to sell products from independent creatives.

Previously, the shop lacked a functional system for it’s communication which made it disharmonious and difficult to maintain.

That’s why we created the concept “Gula Hunden” (Yellow Dog). The shop was renamed and now it’s well-known dog sculptures also became part of the whole shop’s identity.

Client: Gula Hunden
Year: 2012
Creator: Erik Friberg

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Mohlavyr, No One

Mohlavyr is a Swedish singer who experiments in the twilight zone of music and art.

For her upcoming debut album she needed a visual identity that reflected her quirky sound.

The solution uses a mixture of classic and progressive elements that culminates in the, to say the least, unusual logotype.

Client: Mohlavyr
Year: 2012
Creator: Erik Friberg in collaboration with Mohlavyr

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Erik s Friberg, Personal Identity

Personal Identity which aims to be clean and elegant so that the presented content appears in focus.

Earlier identities often took over the presentation with too strong colors and bold brand marks.

Various tests lead to this bright and versatile identity that is meant to be invisible but still traceable through minor details.

Client: Self-initiated
Year: 2012
Creator: Erik Friberg

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Video Game: Kollahomba

Kollahomba is an indie game that has been in development since 2008. Our mission is to dissect the gaming industry and simplify it by removing unnecessary elements such as death and killing.

My role is to create the game´s graphics, both within the actual game but also for it’s promotion material.

By abandoning realistic graphics, we no longer compete with the big titles. Instead, we can make the players focus on the game experience.

A paper aesthetic explained the games blocky graphics and gave the game the retro vibe we sought.

It was also important to separate the in-game graphics from the promotion material. Therefore, the promotion materials focus on the game’s adventurous side.

Client: Berghs School of Communication, Graduation Project
Year: 2012
Creator: Erik & Oscar Friberg

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