Digital Identities

Hi, my name is Erik! With years of experience in both print design, web design and programming I’ll help you craft well researched design identities that makes your business stand out and inspires engagement. Don’t just take my word for it; check out the examples below!

Gula Hunden

Unikinu is an art and design shop in Örebro, Sweden. It’s focus is to sell products from independent creatives. Previously, the shop lacked a system for it’s communication which made the brand feel disharmonious and difficult to maintain. That’s why we created the concept “Gula Hunden” (Yellow Dog). The shop was renamed and now it’s well-known dog sculptures also became part of the whole shop’s identity.

Video Game: Kollahomba

Kollahomba is an indie game that has been in development since 2008. Our mission is to dissect the gaming industry and simplify it by removing unnecessary elements such as death and killing. By abandoning realistic graphics, we no longer compete with the big titles. Instead, we can make the players focus on the game experience.